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Skagen                                 Designs watchesSpecial Offer on all our Skagen watches - I now have a huge 40% off all Skagen wateches - while stocks last! In 1989, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst came to the United States from their native Denmark to follow a dream: that of owning and running their own business, to introduce the Danish lifestyle and philosophy into the lives of many. Skagen Designs was founded by these two natives of Copenhagen on the principle that beautifully designed high-quality objects can be created at reasonable prices.The Skagen Denmark Collections reflect owners Charlotte and Henrik Jorst's creative Danish spirit with clean, elegant designs, skillful craftsmanship and technical perfection. The Jorsts have a hand in designing each piece of the Skagen Collection, from watches to jewelry to sunglasses. See our Skagen range here.

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Monteverde One Touch Tool Pen, red9th October, 2014: The 7-in-1 Monteverde One Touch Tool pen is now available in red. n this fast-paced world having the right tools at hand is crucial, and the monteverde One-Touch Tool pen brings nine tools in one premium quality writing instrument!  The heavyweight hexagonal barrel houses our smooth-writing softroll ballpoint at one end and an ultra-sensitive touchscreen stylus at the other.  Under the stylus top are Phillips and flat-head scerwdrivers, whilst on the barrel are a built-in level, ruler and three different scale functions.  The chiselled spring clip will hold the One Touch Tool pen securely in your pocket, ready to handle more jobs than any other pen!
You can see more information on the Monteverde One Touch Tool pens here.

Omas Ogiva Vintage Alba Limited Edition8th October, 2014: The Ogiva Vintage Alba is based on one of Armando Simoni’s original designs, presented in translucent Green, Orange or Purple. The barrel and cap are fluted. The pen is a piston filler, and comes with the full range of Omas nibs. The Ogiva model, created in 1927, is characterized even today by the smooth design and the harmony of its rounded shapes, which insures comfortable writing. The 18kt gold nib is embellished with the classic OMAS arrow drawing. It is also available the extra-flexible model in 14kt gold. Limited and Numbered Edition made up of 327 piston-filled Fountain pens and 127 Roller Balls in each colour.
You can see more information on all the current Omas Limited Edition pens here.

Visconti Back to Black Collection8th October, 2014: Back to Black is another new Visconti offering for 2014. Visconti's commitment to its artistry is apparent in the Michelangelo - a collection of everyday writing instruments that are both elegant and easy to use. The 18 facets on the natural resin barrel and cap allow light to reflect like a precious diamond. Back to Black a new 2014 style sports trims plated in black rhodium to match with the midnight black vegetal resin. The nib on the Back to Black fountain pen is a Rhodium plated black steel. The True Blue and True Black fountain pens use the 23kt Palladium Nib. The Michelangelo fountain pens and rollerball use a magnetic fit cap.
You can see more information on the Visconti Back to Black Collecton here.

Visconti Venus Collection8th October, 2014: Another new product from Visconti for 2014 is the Venus Collection Venus, Visconti's new pen for 2014 is inspired by one of Sandro Botticelli's most famous masterpieces: The Birth of Venus. Painted in 1482, the painting represents the power of divine beauty, both physical and intellectual, in the human form. It is also said to raise a response in the viewer to raise in their minds thoughts of the Creator. Visconti's Venus Fountain Pen is made from resins with unique rose and white colours which celebrate the sensuality of the feminine form. The pen comes with Visconti's unique 18-facet shaped barrel which has become so popular in the Visconti Michelangelo range. The Rose Pink Fountain pen, a perfect ladies pen, comes with rose gold plated fittings and a rose gold plated flexible steel nib to match, while the white version comes with palladium plated fittings and a steel nib to match. The Venus also features a magnetic cap closure. Just post the cap and will feel the perfect click. The security and power of the magnetic locking system that has been further improved.
You can see more information on the Visconti Venus Collecton here.

Visconti Michelangelo 2014 Collection7th October, 2014: Announcing the release of the 2014 Michelangelo pen. This new edition of the Michelangelo series is fitted with Visconti-s award winning 23 carat palladium Dreamtouch nib. In order to develop this collection, Visconti's designers were inspired by ancient Greece with an extremely elegant shape, as difficult to realize, as much to represent a must of stylographic art. Thanks to their technicians and to a new technology just set up, they were able to realise a faceted shape composed by 36 sides (within the cap and the barrel), tapered on the two extremities. Michelangelo is probably the first pen to be made with 36 faces that makes it looks like more as a diamond than a writing object: the value of a diamond, after the weighing in carats, is in fact due to the quality cut and the number of faces. Just rotate the pen in your hands to appreciate its unique shape! The central band has a decorative design of a double Greek key, composed by the V logo of the Visconti brand. Like the Rembrandt, the Michelangelo also features a magnetic cap closure. Just post the cap and will feel the perfect click. The security and power of the magnetic locking system that has been further improved. The classic colors, True Black with palladium trims; Blue Navy with gold trims, are both very elegant indeed.
You can see more information on the Visconti Michelangelo Collecton here.

Visconti Van Gogh Iris and Pollard Willows6th October, 2014: The two latest colours in the Visconti Van Gogh range are now available to order; Iris and Pollard Willows. The new Van Gogh is not a simply coloured pen. Like the great artist's works, it is a symphony of colour.  Visconti have identified twelve key and important works by Van Gogh, and have created twelve unique and distinctive natural vegetal resins to complement the colours in these great works.
You can see more information on the Visconti Van Gogh Collecton here.

Visconti Divina Elegance Collection3rd October, 2014: A beautiful new release from Viaconti - the Dinvina Elegance. The Elegance is available in two lovely marbled colours - blue and brown. Divina is a collection of very innovative writing instruments that carries in its DNA the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and the golden number (1,618), which is said to transmit the key of knowledge. The golden ratio applied for the first time to a writing instrument has generated a revolutionary design changing the aesthetic canons of fountain pens. Some of the distinctive elements are the pentagram and the proportion between cap and section, but the really captivating feature is the sterling silver spiral that harmoniously envelops the pen. These elements melt together in alchemy of forms and proportions to make a pen that can be defined as the fifth essence of elegance: so modern to seam timeless, so ancient to seam supernatural. In one word: Divina.
You can see more information on the Visconti Divina Collectons here.

Diamine Ink Tryrian Purple and Autumn Oak30th September, 2014: I have two new colours in the already extensive Diamine Ink range: Autumn Oak, and Tyrian Purple. Diamine now offer a whopping 103 different colours in their 80ml ink bottles.
You can see more information on all available Diamine Inks both bottled and in cartridges here.

Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Red Special Edition19th September, 2014: Also new in today is the gorgeous Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Red Special Edition. Following the successful models M101N tortoiseshell brown and M101N lizard, Pelikan launches the third variation in the historical series: The M101N tortoiseshell red. This model comes with an attractive gift box and one bottle of 4001 royal blue ink. Both feature a special historic motif, which makes the set a beautiful gift for every lover of the Pelikan brand. TThe barrel is made of the typical Pelikan cellulose acetate in a very unique pattern. Connoisseurs know that the production of this decorative core of the fountain pen is extremely work-intensive. The dark-red parts are made of high-quality resin that polishes itself time and again during use. It is fitted with a 14 carat gold nib. This gift set will only be available in a limited quantity, starting September 2014, so make sure you secure your piece before it’s sold out .
You can see more information on the Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Red Special Edition pen and all other Pelikan Special Editions here.

Pilot Capless 2014 Limited Edition Fountain Pen19th September, 2014: Just received a small stock of the 2014 limited editon Pilot Capless. The 2014 Limited Editon Capless pen is in copper lacquer with all rhodum trim. It is housed in a special white box with copper accents. It has a pull-out drawer to hold the instruction booklet and refill cartridges. As with all Capless pens, it is fitted with an ink converter to allow the use of bottled ink. It is fitted with an 18 carat gold rhodium coated nib in a choice of fine. medium or broad widths. The Capless retractable fountain pen is a product rich in both history and performance.  Its brilliant design and ingenious technology make it a pen for the new age. A larger size, durable metal body and attractive appointments make the Capless unmistakably unique.  
You can see more information on the Pilot Capless 2014 Limitd Edition pen and all other Capless models here.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirl Limited Edition19th September, 2014: I have managed to wangle just two of the new Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirl fountain pens out of the five that managed to make hteir way to the UK. From the primordial oceans of a prehistoric Earth,here's the new Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal. As the through the whole world was shaken by the fury of the elements, volcanoes erupted everywhere and most of the Earth's surface was made of deep seas. This powerful scenario is what we had in mind as we created the Homo Sapiens, one of our most successful pens. The new version is inspired exactly by those enraging seas which dominated our planet ages ago. If Fire was the dominant element in the previous Homo Sapiens iteration, its Justaxposed force, Water, is the pen's main theme. Water is never still, it flows and it's never the same. It can make canyons out of small fissures, it can't be stopped or captured, just like our creativity, like a good idea. And exactly like a thought, it always change is the key for growth and it's synonim to evolution. The bluish/greenish hues of the pen's body, with their mesmerizing swirls, will differ from pen to pen, so that each piece is truly unique, just like ourselves as human beings. We made only 1000 pieces, as we wanted it to be a special collector's item. The Homo Sapiens line, from its bronze origin to the Crystal model, is one of our very distinctive traits. Whoever holds them, holds an important piece of our pen making history.
You can see more information on the Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirl pen here.

Sailor Autumn Under the Stars Limited Edition16th September, 2014: Stock of the new Sailor Maki-e Limited Edition pen "Autumn Under the Stars" has just reached the UK.   Human civilisations have always had a fascination for the stars and the four seasons.  Sailor is proud to announce a unique series of Limited Edition Maki-e Collections depicting famous constellations overlooking the seasonal night landscapes by the famous Kaga Maki-e artist Ikki Moroiki. These beautiful designs are applied to the King of Pens Ebonite product and specially fitted with a 21K solid gold nib giving absolute writing perfection.
You can see more information on the Sailor Maki-e Limited Edition pen "Autumn Under the Stars", and all other Sailor Limited Edition pens here.

Onoto Excel Limited Edition9th September, 2014: The new Onoto Excel is now shipping..   The Excel in black acrylic with sterling silver fittings is the first in an entirely new range of Onoto pens and as such, is sure to be in demand from collectors around the world. Smaller and slightly slimmer than many of the other models in our range which are all based on the 1937 Magna, the Excel still retains the classic look of the 1920s and 30s, and is certainly a pen with panache! Made from rich black acrylic and complemented by a broad sterling silver cap band and combined hooded cap-end and clip, it’s highly distinctive and very elegant. Hold the Excel and you will feel the same perfect balance that comes with all Onoto fountain pens. The distinctive sterling silver cap-end is engraved with ‘Onoto England’ while the barrel is engraved with ‘Onoto THE Pen’ the distinctive and iconic marketing slogan first used in 1910 which set Onoto apart as a brand and gave it market leadership in the UK and around the world for many years. A sterling silver barrel button with the edition number engraved into it finishes the overall luxury feel. The Onoto Excel in Black acrylic is produced in a limited edition of only 50 pens. Each one comes with an Onoto Presentation Box and a signed Certificate of Authenticity, together with an Onoto History booklet, an Onoto blotter and a cleaning cloth to keep your pen in tip-top condition. Also included is a leaflet on “How to care for your Fountain Pen”, and a booklet on English hallmarks to explain the history of these stamps of quality. Each Excel is hallmarked on the sterling silver cap band and includes the famous “OPC” Sponsor’s Mark for Onoto Pen Company.
You can see more information on the Onoto Excel Limited Edition pen here.

Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears Mabledon Road Bears 6th August, 2014: I have another new batch of Mabledon Road Bears on my website. All Mabledon Road Bears are lovingly hand made and are all one-off creations.
You can see more details on the whole range of Mabledon Road Bears that I currently have available here.

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